Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I shall learn to hula

Do you know why i need to learn to hula?!?!?
Brett and I get to go to HAWAII in two weeks!!! It's still surreal because we just found out for sure a couple day ago. Brett had a bride contact him about shooting their reception when they got back from their destination wedding in Hawaii. So Brett proposed the idea to them that he could shoot the wedding as well, if they were willing. They had already paid for this big wedding package and it included a photographer so the bride called the wedding planner to see if she could cancel the photographer. She couldn't so she told Brett he wouldn't be able to go because they couldn't cancel the photographer that they already had. We were both upset but we never hold our breath about situations like that. THEN, on Christmas Eve Brett had an e-mail from the bride again. She couldn't stop thinking about how great Brett would do if he were to shoot their wedding and he needed to call her to talk about details! So Brett made the phone call, which he usually hates to do, without hesitation. A small amount of convincing and she told Brett she was pretty sure she wanted him to go. We still didn't hold our breath though because it wasn't a definite yes. So Brett met with her on the 27th and she signed a contract and gave him the address to the hotel! Brett asked me to go along and if they can cancel their hairdresser I'll be doing everyone's hair for the wedding as well!!
God is so good to me. He has blessed me beyond what I deserve. God is good.


  1. WOW! What a Birthday present that will be...You are blessed sweetie,but you deserve everything good that happens to you...luvs gramms