Monday, December 14, 2009

A Glimmer of hope...

       Adorable photos taken by my lovely boyfriend Brett Jarnagin. 

I have an 8 month old niece named Lea Grace Davis.  Yes i have a sister. a younger sister.  I never, in a million years, thought I'd be an aunt at 20 years old.  But she's here, I'm an aunt, and God is good.  So i have decided to teach Lea sign language.  Just a little here and there.  I don't really know much more than what I'm teaching her but i think it's a lot of fun.  The book I got says you should start signing to them between 6 and 8 months.  I started at 6 because I was so excited.  The book says not to lose hope because they probably won't sign back to you until they are a year.  I don't get much help from my sister with this because she thinks I'm crazy so today Lea and I got to prove her wrong!  Today she was sitting on the floor and i waved to her and said, "Hi baby Lea!"  she just laughed and looked away.  So i did it again and again.  Finally she raised her hand up at me and cooed.  So i clapped and clapped for her.  So i kept doing this until she was finally waving.  Now she does it on command.  I know this is a very common thing but it's still sign language and it gives me hope that she will continue to learn and sign back to me.

I don't know what i would do without this girl... 


  1. She is a beautiful little girl. She changed all your worlds' into something very special. What a precious baby.

  2. She is a doll!! I bought the sign language book but didn't keep up with it- but Annie's friend did and her kids signed all the time and still do sometimes even when talking.

  3. I don't know why my comments are under Annie but it is me Janie

  4. This is the real Annie - not my fill in pretend me - my Mom. I have some sign language flash cards for baby Caroline that I am giving to Maggie - she will share them with you. Sign language does work - my best friend Melissa did it with her kids & they would sign please, thank you, more - all kinds of words it was amazing! Also - she's beautiful!

  5. Why she is just the Sweetiest Baby Girl on earth!!! And Lea Grace, is so lucky to have the sweetiest most careing Auntie as you....Auntie Casey...Lea loves you as deeply as you love her...I know this I've seen it...what precious grand-children I have...
    many Blessings
    Grandma Carolyn