Friday, July 15, 2011

A Big Adventure

So I have a big adventure ahead of me in August. Brett has the opportunity to teach photography in 10 different cities over 6 weeks. All the cities are within driving distance. We will be on the road hopping from city to city for 6 weeks! When this opportunity was presented to Brett he said he wouldn't go if i wasn't going to be a part of it with him. My job will be doing hair and makeup for the models they have at the shoots. Since I have an amazing boss I am able to take off from work . She is encouraging constantly and it's so nice to have your boss' blessing. Since i'm putting my hair business on hold for 6 weeks Brett bought me an airbrush makeup system as a thank you for going along with him. I'm super excited to be able to up my makeup career and get some experience in high fashion hair and makeup. I've been researching makeup techniques and high fashion up-dos. I'm excited but i'm also nervous to leave my clients for this long. I've tried to get ahold of my regulars and people i know who will need hair done before school starts, i just hope i also have my clients blessing! even if they have to have brittany or maggie do their hair while i'm gone they are in good hands. My PLAN is to blog about our adventure as we move from city to city and post pictures of the models i've done. If this whole thing goes well with the teaching and hair and makeup Brett and I will go further, to the east coast, and west coast, etc. I never thought when going into Cosmetology that i would be traveling around the country with my husband working together. I think things like this remind me how God has a plan for each and every one of us and it's refreshing to see him working in our lives.