Friday, December 18, 2009

Mustache Christmas Cookies

Christmas is NEXT week! I can't even believe it! This is very sad but this is the first year I've not been in a festive mood months before Christmas... SO I had Kelsey and Emily come over for some baking!

Kelsey and Emily are two of my dearest friends. I would do anything in the world for them and I love them like sisters. We always have a blast when we're together.

We had supper, a gift exchange, and then we baked... Supper and gifts went well. Baking... not so much haha. Emily decided we needed to make the cookies from scratch so... we mixed up all the ingredients and sprinkled some flower on the table. At this point i realized there is not a rolling pin at Brett's apartment. Woops. As we looked around for round objects that could work as a rolling pin Kelsey spots a hamster ball haha. Don't worry we didn't use it we used a cup. haha. While our cookies were baking we made gingerbread houses! It was interesting. This is Emily's house.

Kelsey's house...

Our Finished projects!

The reason i called this post Mustache Christmas cookies is because Emily held up a seahorse cookie and thought it was a mustache haha. Here is the visual.

We were very entertained trying to take this picture! Sprinkles kept falling off our lips and getting stuck to our teeth. You see, when you have sprinkles on your lips you have to try not to smile or this will happen. Some how we managed to get this dorky picture. Enjoy!

Our cookies didn't turn out very well but our gingerbread houses, pretzels, and company of one another turned out perfect.
I think it is safe to say that i am in the Christmas mood now! I just wish it would snow a few inches and I'd really be good to go!


  1. Oh Casey, you are such a sweetie...and like I said on facebook,you are so wise beyond your years.Luv ya