Monday, January 4, 2010

a lovely friend....

I have been blessed with so many lovely friends and I'll be sure to blog about all of them.
First off my my friend Maggie...
Where do I even begin.... Well she is fabulous. There is an woman on Etsy who makes wreaths from pages of a book. she rolls them up and shapes them into wreaths. They are fabulous. I wanted to make one for my mom for Christmas but thought i was out of reach so I didn't make her one. We exchanged presents at work and Maggie told me she made me something and that she wrapped it in a curtain! I was SO excited because i knew no matter what she made it would be fantastic! So i saved that present for last and guess what she made me?!! A wreath made of pages from an old book! I was in tears. First because it was beautiful and then that i knew it took her so long to make it.

It's beautiful. I know! So then I wanted to make one! The only person i could think of that would appreciate something like that was me, Maggie, and my grandma Carolyn. So we were having Christmas at my grandma's the next day and I was determined to make her one! It took 3 hours and 9 glue sticks but she LOVED it!
Maggie never looks at something and thinks it can't be done. That's one thing I love about her. She inspires me to step out of the box and do things I didn't think could be done. We share a love for fairies, shabby chic items, chandeliers, beautiful furniture, Tournesol (hehe), and we have glitter in our veins! I think we were separated at birth. I love her like a sister, she is great. She's also my boss haha but it's so great to work for such and inspirational person. She even made our back room into a craft room! It's great! To get to know her better check out her blog
Thank you for being my friend

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  1. oh gosh, make me cry...i'm so hormonal. i love you case, and so happy to have you as a friend.