Sunday, January 17, 2010

A second day in Paradise

Today was officially our 2nd day in paradise. Yesterday we drove north around the coastline and today we decided to explore the south side of the island. So we decided our main destination would be Haleakala National Park. This park houses a dormant volcano and the highest elevation in Maui. Yes 10,023 feet! So we started out at the base of the volcano at ground level and 78 degrees.

Every thousand feet we were updated with a wooden sign that told us what elevation we were at. We drove and drove around bends and turns. Then through the clouds we started to go! Yes we actually drove through clouds! Elevation: 6,000 feet and 61 degrees!
Here is what the view was like above the clouds :)

So were were awed and amazed when we were above the clouds. Absolutely unreal! I wish i could be more descriptive and intimate with words on how this view was.... but all i can come up with is unreal, breathtaking, and beautiful! so we had 4,000 more feet to go before we made it to the top. As we climbed the winding roads the clouds got more sparse and we were starting to see parts of the island. Soon enough we could see almost all of Maui! Yesterday I was gasping around every bend, today was just breathtaking.
So We finally reached the 10,000 feet elevation marker and were able to park and walk around. There was actually a sign that said, "walk slowly at this elevation" yikes! So we walked up some stairs and stood 10,023 feet about sea level and it was back up to 78 degrees.
p.s. pictures don't even do any of this justice. Especially with the terrible picture skills I've got going on...But here is what I could capture.

We stood up there for awhile to just take it all in. We could practically see the entire island of Maui from the top! We could even see the big island of Hawaii! Brett even got a lava rock from the "highest" place he could find to take home. haha.

Now the decent! We were able to drive 25 miles down this volcano without ever once pressing on the gas!!! The speed limit is ony 15-20 mph because of the winding roads! The view was just as amazing coming down because it looks totally different.

So we drove and drove until the sun began to set. We were able to see some of the country side today that was just beautiful! This beautiful green hill was covered with baby sheep! The sounded so cute!

I wanted to blog tonight and show you all of these beautiful things we saw because the wedding is tomorrow! I can't wait to see what kind of amazing photographs Brett is going to get tomorrow! We are both so very blessed to be here. I have always heard people say that you have to see things or do things before you die. I've been to some pretty places in my life but i can honestly say you have to see Hawaii before you die. It's absolutely breathtaking! I really wish i could be more descriptive but I've never seen something that is actually breathtaking! I've only been here 2 days and I'm already saying this. I am so blessed. God is good...


  1. omg...Casey, what a beautiful way to spend a Sunday...truly in God's country...Wow! How gorgeous are the clouds as you rise above if you were entering Heaven!!!I'm glad you are absorbing everything you can...great memories you both are gathering...Please tell Brett not to stand so close to the edge...enjoy every minute of your trip as I know you are...and yes you both are truly Blessed...luvs to both
    Blessings Grams

  2. i'm tellin ya, brett must really have something amazing planned if he hasn't popped the question there. you've described it as breathtakingly beautiful, so sounds to me like the perfect opportunity mr. jarnagin! tell him i suggested it...i'll mail the ring if he has one and he left it home. oh this post also made me tear up! dang hormones!

  3. Oh Casey, those are all so beautiful! Wow. And you are absolutely gorgeous! Im glad you two have been able to enjoy yourselves a bit. Im sure you both need this! :D Enjoy the rest of the trip. I cant wait to hear about the wedding pictures. Wowza!

  4. I spend one day in the sun and I look like a cherry tomato! ...typing a comment on your blog while I'm laying right next to you in bed is kind of funny. So glad you could come with me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get you on the plane to fly home, haha!