Monday, February 1, 2010

Creative Director

Today Brett and I are going to take Lea's 9 month pictures! She was actually 9 months on January 3rd but.... Brett and I have been busy busy bees... So we are taking them today. Brett always lets me be the creative director for her shoots. hehe. I love it. I really wish we could have done this one outside but it's 32 degrees out. I don't think Lea would like that very much. So we'll have to do it inside. My mom bought me an Anne Geddes book when Lea was born. She got it so we could have some idea on baby pictures. I wanted to make Lea a flower hat so I bought a baby hat and glued flowers to it. I had to get 2 bundles of flowers to cover the hat. I actually needed three but I made it work.

Here is the hat!

I am so proud of it! I want to make more! I'm not sure if there is enough demand that I could sell them on Etsy but we'll see.
So we bought the biggest clay flower pot we could find and painted it blue. We really should have done this a couple months ago when she was smaller but I have a feeling this is going to be pretty funny. I put it on her after I made it and I was just dying!

Here is the pot and the hat

Hopefully I can show you the finished pictures soon!! I can't wait!!!


  1. oh my! that is going to be one ADORABLE photo shoot. i can't wait to see the photos. yay!

  2. We have some of Kendal like this they are sooo cute!!!