Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Destination Revealed!

So as you know by now Brett has brought me on a secret vacation and we are in Italy! I had no idea Brett had a passport! But i don't want to get ahead of myself. I'll tell you exactly how it happened....

We got to the Chicago airport and Brett made me cover my eyes. I thought this was ridiculous because we were just trying to find a place to park. I listened to him anyway... haha. So we get parked and he said i could open my eyes... ok we're in a parking lot. So he said he was going to tell me where we were going because there was no way that we'd make it through the airport without me knowing and he wanted to tell me. So he sat up the video camera on the dash and told me that first off i'd need this.. and he pulled out my passport! My draw dropped. He said the reason i've been so stressed is because i had to get this rushed here.. and he pulled out his passport! Then he said you need this because I'm taking you to Rome, and Florence, and Vinice! I just lost it. oh and this is all on video tape.. haha i just kept saying, "are you serious? oh my gosh are you serious?" i just cried and cried and cried. I was even shaking.
The reason i had to close my eyes when we were parking was because we had to park in the international parking lot and it was posted everywhere!

When we got inside we had to trade in all of our spending cash for Euros. That was interesting.. One Euro was only worth .63. This number changes daily and it averages around .75 so we lost some money just by trading our money in for Euros but we had to.

I called all my friends and family and then realized that our phones wouldn't work while we were there... so my mom was so sad. She gets scared when i leave. Especially when i leave the country. I told her I'd figure it out when i got there. So I have actually downloaded Skype and it's a life saver!

The flight to Switzerland was 8 hrs and 40 min. and then to Italy was another hour and 15 min. or so. A long long flight. Our first plane was super "fly" though (haha)
There was a T.V. on the back of each seat and everyone had a personal remote and could pick to watch a movie or a T.V. program or you could play games. Brett and I played so many games of Tetris against each other. It was fun. Our first stop, Rome!!! And oh do i have some stories about Rome....

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