Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Etsy world

I think it is time that i introduce you to my Etsy.
I always compare Etsy to being a handmade eBay. So there are thousands of users on Etsy that sell handmade items. I am one of those "Etsians" that sells handmade items on Etsy. Here is my shop!

My shop is called Tiny Treasures. I picked this name because there is a song by the Rocket Summer that has the lyrics in it saying, "My treasure is heaven" I love it. I want it in ink on me but I haven't found the right place for it yet. So I had to name my blog "My Treasures" because I wanted to blog about my Esty shop and my personal life. So I can blog about all of my treasures.

One of the things i wanted to accomplish on Etsy was to be on the FRONT PAGE! I knew it was completely out of reach. Especially with the terrible pictures i had taken of my items. So I started to promote my shop and take better pictures and make more items. It's difficult for me to keep very many items in my on-line shop at once because i also sell them at the fabulous salon I work at and a shop in Decatur called Tournesol. So if something sells at the salon I take it out of my online store. So it's fairly difficult to keep these two places stocked.

My mom and I have been making typewriter key bracelets. We have been buying them on eBay and making personalized bracelets. We made one that said "LOVE" and had a red key on it. I put it in my online store on Etsy. The next day when i go online I had 5 messages. Which is very rare for me on Etsy and the typewriter key bracelet was sold. Two people had messaged me about making another bracelet like the one that was sold. I had no idea how so many people knew about the new bracelet i had just posted. So I went to which shows you the recent sellers that were on the front page of Etsy. Guess what i saw?!!!

My Bracelet was picked BY Etsy for the first picture of the front page! I was in tears! I couldn't believe it! So out of that came a woman wanting to know if i could sell her wholesale bracelets for her shop in California. Oh dear. I think I'm moving up in the Etsy world!! I'm going to try to get some more pictures posted this weekend!
One week until Hawaii!