Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cookout

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mother's!! To celebrate we had a cookout at my grandma's house yesterday. We had "backyard BBQ chicken patties", hot dogs, grilled and seasoned onion, potato salad, pistachio salad (not a fan), and raspberry tea. The weather was lovely and the company was even better. When we arrived we noticed a mannequin body by the pool. My grandma likes mannequin's but doesn't usually bring them out to set by the pool. It was her mother's day gift from my Aunt and Uncle. So we decided to take pictures by it!

That is my sister on the left and my mom on the right.

We played around with it for a while and laughed and then took some other pictures.

We also brought baby Lea. She is a wiggle worm! She can't sit still for more than a couple minutes. She always wants to crawl around, and then she gets dirty. haha. She has learned how to climb stairs :/

I had her out taking pictures of some headbands i made so i decided to leave this one on her. Surprisingly she left it on. These pictures only get better i promise.....

Haha she cracks me up! She's 13 months old now and her personality is starting to show. She is the greatest thing. I am going to use that last picture for my Etsy page. Haha.

So we played around, cooked s'mores, and Brett took us on a ride in his new Lincoln MKX. He's pretty excited!

My mom has been my best friend for 21 years. She is funny, funky, loving, caring, and beautiful. She would do anything for me and i would do anything for her. She has always been there to guide me and shape me into the person i am today. I'm so thankful she's my mom and my best friend.

My little sister is also a mother. This was her first mothers day!!! She has done such a wonderful job with lea. Not only does she have to keep her grades up in school but then come home and take care of a baby the rest of the night, and then get up early to get her ready to go. She is doing a fantastic job and i only expect her to get better!

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  1. aw. it looks like you guys had a great time :)