Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A huge step in wedding planning

So my life has been consumed with wedding things. I have been extremely stressed because the first time i went wedding dress shopping i didn't find exactly what i wanted so i got discouraged. We didn't have a reception place and without that i can't book anything else. I think i told you about the barn i wanted to book in Monticello but i got turned down for that so i had to move on. My friend maggie and my mom had suggested the Chautauqua building in the park in Shelbyville.

It's enormous and has a lot of character. It's not used for much anymore but we are about to change that. It's eventually going to be restored but all we have to do is make a donation to the committee and we're in!!! It has a huge stage with lights around the front and a huge arched frame that has lights facing the audience! We will have our head table on the stage and the dance floor on a concrete pad that is directly in front of the stage. At this point in time we have about 330 people on our guest list but I just read that the Chautauqua can hold up to 5,000! That's insane! That is every person in shelbyville! haha. I'm super excited that we have a place now.

The dress....
So i have this dress that i feel in love with... i shared it in an earlier post but here it is again..

It's a designer dress so it's very very very expensive. I had considered buying it anyway but tried one more time on the to see if anyone had a used one. For half the price i'd wear this dress if it had only been worn once. So someone sent me a message and said, "check out this website." So i was at work and went to it. It is a company out of China that replicates designer dresses. So i'm just clicking through the pages quickly and on the 5th page is THE DRESS. Yes, the Dress! So i am in shock and i click on it to find a price. $400. Then i almost fell over! So i had my measurements taken and sent in my order! They said it would take about 7 weeks to make so we'll see! I'll keep you posted on it's arrival!

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