Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to find the Dress of my Dreams

Before i get started i guess i should just tell you about the title of this post. I was trying to make it all punctually correct and then i remembered this is my little blog world i can do whatever i want. haha. I even type "i" in lowercase, unless its at the beginning of the sentence . In the title i decided i like to capitalized important words. So i did. So I'm not crazy i just do what comes to me...
So here we go...

I have been engaged for almost 3 months and have not been dress shopping. I may be crazy but it just seems like one thing after another comes up and i have to make sure that my mom and i can at least get our schedules to line up to go, and we did. Tomorrow is the day to find my dream dress.. Well i have already found it but it is expensive and has to be ordered. So at this point in time it is a last resort. I have a dress in mind. I don't want to release it quite yet though. We are going to St. louis and i have an appointment at three different bridal shops. I am getting very excited. I don't think it's going to hit me until i put on a dress and walk out to show my mom. I can't wait though!

In honor of creative weddings!

I just hope that tomorrow i can go with an open mind and not compare everything to the dress that i love. I really hope i can find the dress of my dreams...


  1. you looked beautiful in everything today. and you are going to be beautiful in the dress! i just love you and think you are going to be the most gorgeous bride yet!

  2. oh, this is maggie! i forgot i'm on abbie's name! haha but she thinks you're pretty too

  3. haha Thank you girls! Haha you're wonderful...