Thursday, August 4, 2011

First stop, Kansas City!

So Brett and i started the adventure on Saturday! Our first stop was Kansas City. That's Kansas City Mo and KS. We were in MO half of the time and Kansas the other half because it's right on the border. How this works: We are in each city for two days. The first day Brett speaks to a group of photographers that meet up once a month, he has a presentation and demonstrates his off camera flash. And sometimes i have to be the "model" which i don't usually care for haha.. Maybe if was better at it.. Well by the end of this i may be really good!

The place that the group met was an amazing studio. They had stations set up all along the walls with different backgrounds and fancy couches and all sorts of outfits! Here are some of the setups...

So the next day Brett hosts the Flashfire workshop. This is a hands on, off camera flash, workshop. Photographers then sign up and pay to learn in depth off camera flash techniques. Since the students have to take pictures they have to have someone to take pictures of so my job is to do hair and makeup for the models.

In Kansas city i just had one to do but here she is:

That one was taken by brett, my pictures aren't that good... But of course i HAD to put feathers in her hair! Here she's doing her thing....

We met some great people while in Kansas city and i'm very anxious to continue the tour and meet more great people!

Last but not least we are taking along our garden Gnome.. yes the roaming gnome so here is his debut in Kansas City!

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