Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hair feathers and Prayers

I actually got off work at 5 today and Brett had a session so i've been working outside. I just set up a bird bath that i got for $5 at an auction this weekend and watered my flowers. It's been nice to have enough energy left at the end of the day to do things like that. But more importantly we need to pray hard tonight for miss Ollie Faith Reid

She goes in tomorrow for her pre op. She has to have open heart surgery and she's not even four months old yet! I pray that God is with every person in the hospital tomorrow blessing every doctors hand that comes into contact with her. She is precious. She's a baby. It's unreal to me that someone can perform such a big surgery on such a tiny body. But the doctor is good at what he does and the family is confident that he will do the job and i know he will. God will be there with them.

Also, Something exciting came in the mail yesterday.... HAIR FEATHERS!! I have wanted to get these ever since i saw them in steven tylers hair!

They are fabulous! I really wanted them right before the wedding but things were hectic but we have them at the salon now! All three of us girls put them in each others hair today.

Brittany with Magenta hair feathers

Maggie with Natural hair feathers

Me with black and white hair feathers

They can be washed, dried, curled and straightened. You can call 774-3264 to make an appointment!

So make sure to say your prayers for ollie and make an appointment to get some hair feathers!!

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