Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to find the Dress of my Dreams

Before i get started i guess i should just tell you about the title of this post. I was trying to make it all punctually correct and then i remembered this is my little blog world i can do whatever i want. haha. I even type "i" in lowercase, unless its at the beginning of the sentence . In the title i decided i like to capitalized important words. So i did. So I'm not crazy i just do what comes to me...
So here we go...

I have been engaged for almost 3 months and have not been dress shopping. I may be crazy but it just seems like one thing after another comes up and i have to make sure that my mom and i can at least get our schedules to line up to go, and we did. Tomorrow is the day to find my dream dress.. Well i have already found it but it is expensive and has to be ordered. So at this point in time it is a last resort. I have a dress in mind. I don't want to release it quite yet though. We are going to St. louis and i have an appointment at three different bridal shops. I am getting very excited. I don't think it's going to hit me until i put on a dress and walk out to show my mom. I can't wait though!

In honor of creative weddings!

I just hope that tomorrow i can go with an open mind and not compare everything to the dress that i love. I really hope i can find the dress of my dreams...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday baby Lea

Saturday afternoon we had the cutest birthday for my niece Lea. She turned 1 and i can't believe it! A year ago my 16 year old sister was in labor. That is something I never want to go through again. haha. She was so tiny but very mighty. She was dilated to an 8 when they told her she had to decide right that moment weather she'd have an epidural and she said no. Yes my 16 year old sister had a natural birth. Anyway... haha She had a beautiful baby girl named Lea Grace Davis. She is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen...

I went around our house and picked all the fresh flowers i could find around our house to put on the tables.

We had an angel food cake and mini cupcakes for everyone to eat.

My mom and Corrie made her a huge cupcake to have all to herself! She was slow getting started but she ultimately destroyed it. She had a blast!

Corrie also got her a bubble maker. That was an event in itself! My grandma filled it up too full and there were thousands of bubbles coming out every second. Lea sat right in front of it and just laughed the whole time.

It seems crazy that my little sister already has a baby, and it is but she has done so good with her. Better than anyone could have expected. She is doing so well considering she's juggling school, being social, and being a mom. Being in high school is hard enough sometimes. I just can't remember what i ever did without Lea. She is such a blessing in disguise.

Happy birthday to my very best friend!