Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here again, Gone again!

I have decided that this is the biggest year of my life. Well there was really no question but it is. I've been to Hawaii and Italy. Those are two places that some people will never have the opportunity to visit. I have been feeling so blessed lately. So as soon as I've got all my clients caught up at work Brett comes up with a brilliant plan.... He decides that he wants to take me, his mom, and his little sister to the Smokey Mountains. Brett and I went last year in January and stayed in a cabin. That was our first surprise vacation. Brett has been wanting to go back and decided this would be the time. We thought it would be perfect timing because Lexi has spring break and Lila would have a few days off of work. And then i realized, the day Brett booked the cabin, that I am going to a hair show that weekend. I was crushed! Just crushed.... I can't just skip either, I have spent about $400 so far on classes, admission and hotel. I am also going with my friend Maggie and we've so been looking forward to this. So I told Brett I couldn't go and you would have thought his dog died! He was so upset! I was as well but my mother is the goddess of all good ideas and she said, "Just fly there." So i thought that was ridiculous and I told Brett what she had said. He got online and found out it was only $100 to fly from Chicago to Tennessee! So i said Why not?! I first called Maggie to make sure it was alright that she drive me to the airport and if it were alright to drive home alone. She was fine with it, then she started getting nervous. haha We both know she'll do fine. The last time Brett and i went to the Smokey Mountains we had an interesting time with all the snow but we're hoping this time it is sunny and warm! It seems like we're always gone and yes, this year is an exception but Brett can't go anywhere during the summer, or fall for that matter. So we have to do all of our vacations when no one else is able to.

Here are some pictures that we took the last time we were there.

I can't wait to spend time with Brett and his family!

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  1. You are truly blessed my dear...but you so deserve it...thats what I go and have a lovely time with Brett and his Ladies...luv ya sweetie.